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Consultant, Business Coach, Psychologist and Mediator

Claudia has been a productivity and organisation consultant since 1990.

She is the founder of and manager at Satke & Partner Unternehmensberatung GBmH, a company focusing on business optimization and internal communication improvements, since 2002. As an experienced business psychologist, coach, and mediator, Claudia ensures that the best interest of a company’s personnel remains central during business, team, and leadership developments. In addition to consulting, training, and coaching, Claudia conducts organizational constellations as an alternative to advance internal perspectives.

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Economist, Consultant, Trainer for Communication, Team and Leadership Development, Certified Persolog(R) (D,I,S and G) Trainer, Business Mediator, Skipper

Since 1990, Wolfgang is a consultant focusing on business strategy, development, and cooperation.

He is the executive partner of gfa-consulting gmbh, a consultancy focused on the international food industry and regional development.

Following 30 years of consulting experience, Wolfgang developed the conviction that sustainable success is grounded in the balance between organization, business and economic efficiency, and relationships. He finds that, like humans, industry success requires a strong relationship between body, spirit, and soul.

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Markus has been employed by renowned agencies since 1998 and independently established within a team of strategists and innovators online and offline since 2008. He is the co-founder of the production company Denigma and the creative cooperative Birds Do It. Markus maintains a strategic oversight and coordination over brands and their internal and external communication measures in light of contemporary challenges. Specifically, he provides a holistic external perspective to comprehend and navigate the growing number and domains of media channels and market opportunities.



Advertiser, Marketers, Trainer

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