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While you might not always like the reality,

you must still be aware of it.

#creating facts

Make informed decisions based on data and facts.

Social Listening

Discover what your customers need and what questions plague them. This way, you will have the necessary insights to make appropriate business decisions.

Customer insight analysis

By employing various monitoring tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we comprehend and analyse the relationship between people and the internet. The analysis provides a progressive overview of current topics and the necessary information to examine these relationships.

Market screening

Anticipate how your product or service will be perceived in the market before you enter, and make the right choices to save money, time, and sanity from the start. 


Competition Analysis

Observe the current market, draw relevant conclusions, and develop strategies to remain one step ahead of your competitors.


  • EFFICIENCY: only produce compelling content.

  • RELEVANCE: discuss the important topics.

  • TRUST: provide the most demanded answers.

  • REACH: know successful hashtags and emojis.

  • COMMUNITY: discover relevant and successful influencers.

  • TRANSPARENCY: comprehend the right keywords for better SEO-Values.

  • INSIGHT: possess vital information to compete.

  • TURBO: benefit from applying insights to evolving markets.


Keyword Analysis

Medien oder Internetforen eingesetzt wird.

Using AI, we will observe where, when, and how these words are used online, for example, references on social media or online forums.

Context Cloud

The “context cloud” portrays in a simplified graphic which words complement your key terms. For instance, “beer” and “Father’s Day” are in close proximity in June.

Trending Hashtags

We observe the most popular hashtags and determine how they can be used to expand your organisation’s digital platform or develop new hashtags when necessary.


Trending keywords for SEO

Based on the collection of relevant information, we use AI to suggest keywords to optimize content, websites, or campaigns.

User Questions

We determine which questions users have relating to your keywords to provide you with necessary insights for content optimisation and communication.

Relevant Influencers

We discover and analyse the behaviour of the most pertinent influencer concerning your keywords.



In a consulting session, we will discuss the collected data and deliberate analysis outcomes to discuss the future potential of your business.








The perfect trial run at an entry-level price includes:

  • Context cloud

  • Trending hashtags/emojis

  • Trending keywords for SEO

  • User questions

  • Relevant TikTok and Instagram influencers

  • Consultation on how to appropriately use data

To keep you informed, we release periodic individualised reports that outline the appropriate combination of building blocks most beneficial to your company. Depending on your industry, these reports will be released monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.

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