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Backless is a very comfortable state. It allows you to think freely and act freely. Because many knots in the company were untied and some ballast was thrown off.

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Getting startet.

First, we get an overview of your business. An in-depth analysis provides feedback on the balance of the three core business dimensions: Business and economic efficiency, relationships, and organisation.

Goals of the Quick Check

  • Entry point analysis

  • Identification of optimisation potential

  • Comprehending the balance of the core dimensions

  • Adaptation advice

Goals of the Quick Check

  • External and neutral perspective

  • Determining goals and ambitions

  • Defining key business areas

investment and effort

The quick check is calculated as a flat rate depending on the size of the company and normally takes three days. You will receive a comprehensive questionnaire in advance and all the information we need to be able to work quickly and thoroughly.




Rückenfrei in depth.

Engaging in an in-depth analysis with your team allows us to determine your improvement potential effectively. Together with you and your team, we will develop a detailed multi-step implementation procedure, ensuring you have the necessary resources to address individual challenges.

Rückenfrei intervenes.

Where it is necessary, we will intervene to help you reestablish prosperity through:

  • Coaching

  • Mediation

  • Organisational constellations

Rückenfrei accelerates.

You will have access to our range of expertise:

  • Business strategies

  • Organisation: structure, processes and procedures

  • Marketing and distribution

  • External and internal communication

  • Individual and team development

  • Economic and business efficiency - Financing, operative planning and guidance

  • Network and cooperations - Establishment and optimization

  • Business hand- and takeover

Rückenfrei bothers.

As you may know, enforcing strict deadlines, requiring detailed progress reports, combing through finances, triple-checking contracts, and persistently asking questions does not always make you friends. We will gladly be the bad guys, so you, as business leaders, do not have to be.

Rückenfrei supports

We will assist you through the following:​

  • Consulting

  • Teambuilding and leadership development

  • Training

  • Projekt management

Rückenfrei Financial Saving Guarantee.

We guarantee to provide you with the guidance to properly evaluate investments and make financially informed decisions to identify the most cost-effective practices for your business.



Rückenfrei acts.

Throughout this process, we will guide you to effectively and efficiently apply the tools at your disposal. To ensure that the implementation runs smoothly, we offer insights into the following areas:

  • Projekt management

  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Mediation

Multi-dimensional support.

Our range of experts will support you every step of the way. We follow an interdisciplinary approach to ensure that you do not lose sight of the big picture while perfecting details.




Support throughout.

We promise to support you regardless of the length and complexity of your business’s development because we want to ensure that your results are as you envisioned and sustainable. 

Benefit from:

  • Ongoing process optimisation

  • Annual strategy follow-up and consulting

  • Continuous team and leadership development

  • Legal advising

  • Financial advising

  • Personnel consulting

  • Sales consulting

  • Cooperation consulting

  • Follow-up consulting

  • Establishing of a quality management system, including internal auditing

  • Marketing, Advertising

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